Have you ever imagined eventually controlling your daily life through intelligent contact lenses ? High speed technological developments will change our lives dramatically with exciting changes also in the property industry.

Construction, 3d Printing, Retail
Construction will be cheaper due to nanotechnology. We will take advantage of high quality construction materials, super strong concrete, structures accumulating solar energy, ultra strong glass, dirt-proof surfaces, elastic cables – just to mention some of them. The most excited about these discoveries are the architects, who will finally be able to watch their wildest fantasies come true.

3D printers will build houses – even sky scrapers – in a couple of hours and costing a few thousand dollars only. They will make cloths, kitchen appliances and cars. The UAE recently introduced the first 3d printed office in the Emirates Towers.

Shops and warehouses will disappear. Mere shop windows will show the goods to be chosen and ordered online while sellers will make them on 3D printers and deliver them.

Urban Developments
Property will go underground since more people will flock into cities and land prices will soar. In the US, the “lowline underground park”, the world’s first underground park is under construction in an abandoned subterranean tram terminal in lower Manhattan. Underground areas will connect apartment buildings, shopping malls, hotels, banks and the like. Sunlight will be conducted into the spaces by special technology and transform darkness and night into a brilliant sunlit paradise. By the same token and due to lack of space, high-rise apartments will continue to evolve with immense potential for new urban developments.

No more parking lots or street parking will be necessary because self-driving electricity – or hydrogen driven cars will be able to park themselves in remote parking areas. No gas stations needed anymore.

Rise of the Machines – AI
While we see the evolution of Robo Advisors pushed forward by Wealth Front i.a., new technologies will be paramount in daily life also in the property sector. Interacting robots will take over and be our best mates. They will clean up the house, do the laundry, take out the dog, cook our meals, feed the elderly and make love to our spouses: automated jobs, Terminator Genisys in the end, scary without any doubt.

VR & Hyperloop Traffic
Using virtual reality technology will soon allow us to overcome distance. In a second step there will even be no need for equipment anymore as nanotechnology will allow us to implant it straight into people’s brains. But even before then, thanks to virtual reality helmets and intelligent contact lenses (see the recent patents by Samsung and Sony), interested property buyers will no longer need to leave the house for property viewings.

Ultra-high speed trains travelling 3–4 times faster than any presently operating train will make the 600 km trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco in only 30 minutes. These trains will reduce travel time and it is likely that neighbouring cities and towns will merge into a seamless urban blur. Prices in suburbs and for land between megacities will grow. China is already developing its own project along these lines with the plan to combine nine cities into one megacity called “Jing-Jin-Ji”, home to 130 million people. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Project is working on high speed transportation in tubes through which capsules are propelled by air compressors to an average speed of 670 mph.

Brave New World…